The "HIWIN-CMU Joint R&D Center" was jointly established by Hiwin Technologies Corp. and China Medical University on September 19, 2015. It is a new milestone to combine the expertise of industry and academia for driving the innovation of medical engineering and rehabilitation technology in Taiwan. The purpose of this center is to cooperate to execute medicine and industry based on cross-cross-disciplinary researches in developments of healthcare and medical devices, as well as cultivate high-level R&D talents in medical engineering and rehabilitation technology. Hiwin Technologies Corp. kindly provide NTD 10 million per year for at least five years to support the center on the research and education projects.

  The center has become as a research platform of medical device R&D and clinical trials, as well as a platform for brainstorming of cross-disciplinary researches and cultivating talent PhD students in medical engineering. When physician meets engineer, they make the spark in the combination of clinical and engineering. The main missions of both sides are “promoting health and human rights” and “creating a better better human well-being and working environment." With the goal of serving human well-being, we wish that the combination of HIWIN, CMU and CMUH can create more medical products through this center in the future.